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In the language of flowers the periwinkle was used to symbolise a beautiful blossoming friendship or the recollection of a pleasant memory from the past. The beautiful simplicity of the flower is complimented by its rich colour which is sure to enhance any outfit.


The beauty of this bracelet is enhanced by the use of a sterling silver adjustable ball clasp which has a silicone core making adjustment smooth and easy.   


All Photofinish pieces are designed and handcrafted by myself.


First class postage for UK delivery included.

All Photofinish pieces are delivered in their own gift box.

Periwinkle bracelet. Adjustable

  • A photographic image is transposed onto the metal surface using a combination of processes developed by me. This image is then sealed under the metal surface to provide a pleasing and durable finish which with care will last a lifetime.


    This pendant is made using 0.7mm anodized aluminium making it much lighter than traditional jewellery.


    The leaves have been embossed with a skeleton of a real leaf in a rolling mill and the flower has been gently shaped to give a realistic look.

  • Made from 0.7mm anodized aluminum

    Width approximately  29mm 

    Bracelet Length approximately 23cm

    Total weight approximatly  4 grams


    All items are designed and handcrafted by me so, as in nature, there will be slight variations in size, colour and shape making each piece unique.

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