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This tropical Philodendron leaf grows to over 3ft long but has been reduced to make this elegant heart shaped pendant. It typically grows in places like Colombia but in the UK they can be seen in places like RBG Kew. Using a high resolution photograph the detail is evident in the final handcrafted pendant.


This pendant is very light, weighing less than 4 grams, Great if you like large jewellery but prefer it to be light.


Available in two sizes.


Supplied with an 18"/45cm sterling silver chain.


Free first class postage for UK delivery is included.

Philodendron green leaf.

  • A photographic image is transposed onto the metal surface using a combination of processes developed by me. This image is then sealed under the metal surface to provide a pleasing and durable finish which with care will last a lifetime.


    This pendant is made using 0.7mm aluminium making it much lighter than traditional jewellery.


    The pendant has been embossed with a skeleton of a real leaf in a rolling mill and gently shaped to give a realistic look.

  • Made from 0.7mm anodized aluminum


    Medium leaf

    Width approximately 16mm 

    Length approximately 55mm

    Weight approximately 2.5 grams


    Large leaf

    Width approximately 22mm

    Length approximately 73mm

    Weight approximately 3.25 grams


    All items are designed and handcrafted by me so, as in nature, there will be slight variations in size, colour and shape making each piece unique.

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